Cause days come & go but my feelings for you are forever. One last kiss...

So, I worked my ass off last night. I just lower body & some yoga. My poor muscles are screaming today! It really hasn't been that long since I was working out every single day. Just goes to show you that if you don't use it, you lose it. Whew! Made a few lists about finical stuff. I hope to buy a house within 4 years time. We will see how that goes. I gotta work my upper body today. And do some cleaning.

Oh yeah my car is the shop again! This will be the 3rd time since last Sept. I thought I was getting rid of that when Ryan & I got married but. Well, anyway. That's over. The guy at the shop told me if it isn't the water pump like we hope, then chances are I just need to get rid of the car & get something new. Which I really cant afford to do right now. UGH! I *HOPE* it's just the water pump. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Been talkin to my girl, Shounda, a lot as of late. She is totally awesome! I met her in 7th grade Science class (my fave subject) and we totally hit it off. I ended up leaving that school that year but we still remained friends for a while longer. Fast forward to last summer & I found her on myspace. It's been great to have her around again.

Anyway, this is about all for now. I want to write about more but I guess I need to leave some for later.

P.S. I love how this pic turned out! Such an erie feeling to it...

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