Day two

It's day two & Im still on track. lol Good thing, huh? Not really much to say, only day 2. Looking forward to the holiday tomorrow.

These last few days have had me really thinkin hard about cutting someone out of my life. Now, this is someone that I have already cut out of my life & now have second thoughts about doing this. Months after the fact. It was something that I never really felt like would be a forever thing but I think the damage is done. And my heart is truly breaking. This is the one person in my life that I can say I loved with my whole heart, soul & being.

Oh yeah, the pink polish on my toes totally rocks & Jaxson called for a freakin good time last night! ;) And I would die without my Diet dew. Goodness, I totally love my dew! More so than coffee anymore.

Now, I need to work out & make a new pen holder for my desk. *smoochies*

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