Snoring. Who me? Noooooo!!!

Shounds & I are just now getting to go out for her birthday.
And I don't think I am going to be able to make it tonight.
I feel awful!
Zoo is now out of the plans since Mason (D's son) is at his Mothers.
So, pretty much everything is turning to shit.
Does this surprise me?
Hell no! lol
It's me!
That's ok Daniel & I will just find some other kind of trouble to get into.
I love him living down the same street as me.
He is such a cutie!
This morning he called me & told me I was snoring last night.
OMG! I thought he was kidding but he wasn't!
I have never ever snored in my life.
Well, I take that back. I did when I had my surgery.
But other than being drugged up for 48 hours & being sawed in half,
I have never snored!
So, I start snoring with new hot punk.
Yay me! lmao
Here is some new goodies I found & want.
Trying not to order them but so far its not really working.

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*** hunzer *** said...

Back atcha babe! Glad to know I'm not the only crazy ass Mama out there. *wink*

(Delicious specimen in that photo, btw...is he yours?)

~ xoxo ~