Lubed up feet, rain & clumsy girl

Took a nasty spill last night.
Sore as hell today.
I also have Kai on top of it all.
He is a good kid so nothing to really worry about, just can't move fast.
Daniel & I were suppose to go to the drag show at the gay club tomorrow night
but for some reason they are not having it this Sunday.
So, my weekend has turned to shit.
I need some fuckin pain pills.
And of course this would happen the weekend Jaxson goes out of town.
He can always help me out. lol
Im thinkin tonight is pizza, beer & movie night.
Here some more eye candy. lol
I think he is sooo yummy!

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Lis said...

Hey honey hope your feeling a little better now.
For my buttons I use 'Helmar Super Tac' not sure you have that over there. It is drys clear, flexible bond, water based and grabs extra fast. Use it for everything,its great!