Alcohol is my friend

And my crazy ass friend's friend as well!
I have been living it up the last 5 nights!
Drinks a flowin!
Endless beer pitchers for Steph & I.
Although I sneak plenty of lil sips from Daniel's drinks! LMAO
He loves me, so its ok!
Ryker is spending some time with his great grandparents so MaMa is spending some time with my friends.
Brandy was Sat. night.
Steph was Sunday night.
Brandy, Steph, & Daniel last night!
I am a lucky girl!
Although, my freakin phone is acting like a punk & not sending my pics. =(
I have a really cute one of Daniel sticking his tongue out.
Anyway, Daniel & I get home last night after leaving the bar & we are kinda just laying there in this quietness that we both can just chill in. It's weird that I dont have to always be talkin to Daniel when he is right beside me or on the phone. We can be at such ease with eachother without talkin. It's crazy.
But anyway.
We are laying there, he tells me I looked really nice tonight (aww!), we both talk about how awesome it is to have met each other, we live on the same street, both have kids, blah, blah, blah. If I started falling off he was very softly say, Stacia. Sweetness. And that's it.
It was great! I don't know what's going on.
What is going to happen.
But I am smiling.

So, this pic of me was taken yesterday afternoon. Gotta dye that hair again. Kinda want to go with black again & some blue! Yums! And I had to add one of Daniel as well. I hope I can get the pics off of my phone from last night!

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