It's mine!! All mine!!

*I got the job!!! YAY for me!! Start monday morning @6:45 (yuck) but I got off at 3:30. 7-3:30 M-F for the first 5 weeks then I change to Sunday - Thursday 2:15 pm - 10:45 pm with Friday & Saturdays off. The $$ is GREAT!! Much more than what I thought. Totally excited!!

*Also in yesterdays news, RYAN called me. Like WHOA! Totally shocked. I thought I was going to piss my pants. I had just walked into my friend Jennifer's house & my cell was rining ( I thought it was Daniel) & when I saw Ryan's name flashing I went into total shock! Later Jen told me, I wish you could have seen you face! lol
All in all it was a great talk & it was very nice. I havent really talked to him in almost 2 months & honestly didnt think that he & I would ever talk again. I am still in total fuckin awe.

*So, I am not really liking Daniel anymore. Turns out the hottie lip ring punk is nothing but a liar. I mean about EVERYTHING!!! Can't say that Jaxson didnt warn me but all of my friends keep on sayin it was cause Jaxson has been trying to have sex with me for a year. lol It really is a shame cause Dan seemed pretty cool & he sure was fun but if you can't trust the guy then its done. Oh well.

*Tam & Ren just where in the fuck are you girls at??? I miss you like damn crazy! I love y'all to bits! *smoochies*

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*** hunzer *** said...

That fuckin' sucks dude. Oh well ~ at least he was fun to look at, right? Sounds like you've been having fun!

(Oh ~ negative on the MySpace thing...I used to have one but deleted it last year sometime. Too much other shit to keep track of!)