Best night ever!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon my bestest guy friend, Trent, called & asked if I wanted to go out. Now, Trent & I have not been out together in the longest time so I jumped at the chance to see my boy again. We met up at Freddies & had a few pitchers & shots. It was soooo much fun! I love my Trent! And I have missed him more than words. We both got super drunk. I am talkin off our asses, can't drive home drunk. My besty, Brandy got me rather safe. Although, Im pretty sure she wanted to kill me when I got this phone call & didnt hang up.
On the way home guess who called me? RYAN! OMG! Twice in one week after not talkin for 2 months? We talked for 3 hours last night. We talked about how on the 7th (the day we were to get married), about our relationship, what if we started something again, about how much I hurt him, how he still cares for me, still loves me, how deeply in love with me he was/is. CRAZY!
It was really weird but I can not believe how much the guy still loves me. After everything that happened & everything that was said he is still in love with me. Still wants to see if we can make this work. It blows my mind.

I am so lost. I have no idea what to think or do. I feel as if I am walking around in a daze. Why is he coming back after 2 months of not really talking? Why?
Truth be known, I left Ryan. He didnt leave me. He is a great guy & I do love him. But, I dont know. God, I just want to cry!

Oh yeah I have tons of pics from last night but yet again my stupid phone is not letting me send them. So, here is a pic of Trent (the first guy) & the second is one of my faves of Ryan taken while in Paris.

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Renee said...


That's it!

I am BANNING you from boys for the next SIX MONTHS!!!


You heard me!

Love and miss you
Hug and kiss you