'Cause it's all about the sex

Freakin crazy busy with work. I wake up at 5 am every morning & don't get home till 4 pm. Verizon Wireless is killing me! The training is going well just a lot of info to take in. Anyway, it's been fuckin crazy, sleepy week.
Last night my brother called wanted me to come over for some pizza & beer. Who the hell am I to turn down some cold beer? I was off! And its a good thing cause I was having a hell of a day. Well, my BFF, Brandy, ended up coming over as did my boy, Jaxson. We watched Borat. Again. That movie is so over the top! lol Just like Jaxson. It was good times.
Most of ya remember back when I met Jaxson & all the shit that had gone on. Well, it happened last night. Everyone said it would at one point, hell I even said it would. Just timing. That is all. So, yeah we will see if sex changes one of the best friendships around.
Anyways, this blog is just about saying Hi & letting you know I had sex had last night. lol Damn.
Oh & Tam, baby, I love you! Hope the lil Prince is much better now.
Ren, I know you said no boys for 6 months but come on! This is Jaxson. And it's just sex. Please?!?
That's totally one of my all time fave pics of Jaxson.

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