I hate everything about you...Why do I love you?

Work is really starting to kick my ass! I mean it. I worked for Verizon Wireless 4 years ago & everything has changed so much. I feel like I know shit. So, I sit in a class room for 8 hours a day learning all about the company, how to trouble shoot, & all the other things a rep from VZW should know. They really are a great company but training like this for 5 weeks is really starting to wear me down. lol
With that being said, last night it was ON baby!!!!! Brandy & I took off for Fast Freddies & drank it up! I had a blast & was hit on like crazy. Which was a nice ego boost but I am so not into it. lol I got a lot of free drinks tho! lol We had lots of fun. Jaxson called & a few times & we made a date for tonight. I am totally stoked about it but a lil weirded out about it as well. It's kinda different. We have had such a great friendship over the last year & I am pretty sure that we are strong enough to keep that going no matter what comes or doesn't come of this thing. I love this boy like mad but we both just have to know. And after last weekend I think we just might be ok no matter what is thrown our way. Anywho, we are going to this awesome lil mexican place for dinner & then going to go see the Simpson movie. Should be fun times.
Oh yeah, Ryan called me yesterday afternoon & then again late last night. We again ended up talking for 3 hours. It was crazy. He was totally sober & I was so totally not. He kept asking me to come to Ohio. Wild but I think I may want to. Just some unfinished business to take care of. ;) And the boy is fuckin hot as hell. Why didn't I marry him again? lol Just kidding. Crazy ass boy keeps bringing that up as well. Ya know I really thought just maybe he & I might get to be friends but it does get a lil weird at times. Little comments he makes here & there start to get to me after awhile. Stuff like, We could already be married by now or I love you (then he is sure to follow up with an I hate you) . Just starts to fuck with my head after a bit but he says the same about me.
I gotta take lil man to a swim party this evening for a few hours. A lil boy from his baseball team, DJ, is turning 8 & so lil man is totally excited. Hope y'all's weekend is just fab! Love to all my bitches & rides! *smoochies*

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