OK work has gotten this bitch so busy I dont have time to have sex!
UGH! Really, I am lucky if I get a shower these days. Im going to bed way early & getting up even earlier. I ran around town all day yesterday afternoon for Jaxson & by the time 7 came I wanted to go to sleep. Totally sux.
Anyway, things with Jaxson are awesome for the time being. I mean for two kick ass friends who take a step up, things are great. Just a lil weird at times maybe. I dont know how to explain. I remember talking to Tam a few months back about sleeping with a friend. WHERE ARE YOU TAM??? I miss you so! I miss all my girls.
I gotta run just wanted to say Hi & I miss y'all! Love & *smoochies*

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Tam said...

I'm here honey!!!!
I dont think I used the right user name for MSN messenger..better give it to me again..
So much to tell you
So much to catch up on
Love you
Miss You