A new tat & another reason to love Jaxson!!

GUESS WHAT? I have been dying to get a new tattoo for some time now & I just made up my mind this week that I was going to. I went to go pick up some new Chuck Taylors for Ryker at Jaxson's store yesterday afternoon (its tax free weekend) and my sweetheart, Jaxson, told me to tell Rikki (the tat artist) that I was seeing Jaxson & that he sent me up there. (**NOTE** Jaxson & I are NOT together.) Anyway, I did & the guy gave me a really hard time at first saying stuff like Oh, Im going to charge you double cause you are dating Jaxson & so forth but he said ok look baby girl, you bring Jaxson with you & I will do it for FREE!!!! YES, FREE!!! I about kissed him on the spot!! He was leaving for Tampa yesterday (Rikki) and will be back Tuesday. So, yay! Im getting my new tat for free by the BEST guy around. No joke. It takes months to get in with guy most of the time. Another reason I love my sweet Jaxson (although Im not that happy with the boy right now). And if you are wondering what Im getting, its a totally kick ass Natuical Star on the inside of my left wrist. Pink & black baby!

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*** hunzer *** said...

Dude ~ I have a tshirt with two stars EXACTLY like that on it...one over each nipple. ;)