So, its been a wild summer & I have loved every single second. I have made some new friends. Got closer to some old ones. Let go of people that are not good for me. Lived it up & drank till I fuckin passed out. Got a new job that so far (knock on wood) I totally love. A new car. My baby is about to start 2nd grade tomorrow. This really has been a great summer. And now that it is coming to a close even bigger things are starting to happen. I am looking for a new house. Getting a new tattoo friday night. And I have some major news but sorry I cant share with ya guys just yet. In due time. ;) Oh, Im so sorry I have been so fuckin killer hard to get ahold of the last month. Things really are crazy & I am so busy. I miss you all too! I love you! *smoochies*
And Tam & Ren ~ Words cannot express how much I miss you girls! I would give just about anything to see the two of you. Soon enough. I LOVE YOU!!!

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