My baby is gonna be a so freakin cute!!

So, my baby daddy (Jaxson) is somewhat of a local celeb. Woke up this morning & there he is on the back of the sports page. His lil sis, Jordan. They were at his baby brother's football game & some lady snapped their pic. Pretty neat. Got lots of calls about it today. Pretty good pic as well. Although, Jaxson is giving his infamous "stink" face. Love it though. HIs birthday is Tuesday. Got his gift to him already cause he picked it out. We are going out Tuesday.
I have to blog about last night! Just can't this second. Took my best girl out for her birthday! What a blast! Went to a comedy club in LA. AWESOME TIME! More about it later. Anywho, here is the pic of my boy! *smoochies*

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