Some neato stuff for baby Howard

Ok first of all found this shirt for Jaxson. As soon as I saw it I knew Jaxson had to have it. He totally agreed. Just waiting for UPS to bring it here. Funny thing is Jaxson is a totally Star Wars nut! I mean come on if this baby is a boy his middle name is going to be Anakin. But anyway, a few nights after we found out that we are indeed pregnant he called me & he started the Stars Wars dvd, when the theme song came on he goes nuts & says, Hurry babe put the phone to your stomach so the baby can hear! lol So cute! And since this baby was a total shock & yes we did everything in our power (short of not having sex) to make sure that we didnt get pregnant, the Force really was with this one. ;)

The other stuff is just some neat stuff that I have found. I totally love pyshcobabyonline.com but a lot of their stuff wont copy over here so check out that site if ya can. Totally kick ass stuff. I am so ready find out what we have cooking! I wanna know if it's a Peyton or a Layla. Jaxson says we are going to have an emo baby. lol I told him I was down with the hawk & the chucks but no makeup or girl jeans on my son. lol Yes, my baby's Daddy has been known to wear girl jeans. lol

Anyway, he is still kick ass in my book. Which by the way, he is out of the state until Friday evening. Im not so sure I can deal with that. Don't ask me why but it has got me in a total tizzy! When he told me he was leaving (for work by the way) I kinda freaked & I dont know why. I even said so. I am blaming it all on the fact that my hormones are fuckin crazy & blah blah blah. Whatever. I flipped yesterday about the time he left. I couldn't breathe. I had racing thoughts about nothing. I couldn't sit still. Crazy. Really fuckin crazy. Went to work & calmed down cause I had other shit on my mind. I so can't imagine what I am going to be like when I am 40 months pregnant & ready to pop. Watch out world!

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