If the bitch can rant, why can't I?

So, Jaxson's ex is really having a a hard time with the fact that we are having a baby. I have tried to be understanding. I know that she is really young (20), that Jaxson is the only person she has ever been serious with & that they only broke up a few months ago. Honestly, I have tried very hard to put myself in her shoes. But I have had enough. Enough is enough. This girl (yes, girl she is no woman after the last few things that have been said) straight up said on her blog that I need to stop complaining (which I havent been, yes I was in total shock when I found out I was pregnant but that was it) because one person's nightmare is another persons dream. That she is total jealous of me & totally bitter towards Jaxson. OK, first of all this was so not planned but it happened. We didn't get pregnant on purpose. Matter of fact, we did everything short of not having sex to make sure that we didnt get pregnant. Now, this isn't the first time she has let her feelings be known about this baby. And I am so fuckin sick of it. In the long run, this DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER! If she could just get that through her head. She even said that she was pissed at the hand God had dealt her & that why didnt God just take her when he had the chance before. UGH! Grow up! This is driving me up the fuckin wall. I am trying really hard to not let her get to me. This is our baby & she has nothing to do with it. Our baby has no fuckin effect on you at all. As the girl said in her very own blog, GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

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