Pushing Daisies

*I have been lookin forward to this show starting all season! I first saw an ad for it in the previews for Knocked up so back in July. I am totally THRILLED that it starts tonight! This the only new show this season that has got me so excited. It looks super fab!! CAN NOT WAIT TO WATCH IT!! Just 9 hours to go!!

*I am being super paranoid with the pregnancy. I am so afraid that something is going to happen. I don't even know how to relax at this point which totally sux. So, please send healthy baby vibes my way y'all.

*My feelings for Jaxson are so up in the air. I have no idea how to feel about him. I do know that right now I am pissed at him.

* I am loving fried eggs right now. I TOTALLY HATE eggs but I have been on this fried egg kick for a few weeks now. Pregnancy will do crazy things to ya.

*My boobs are sooooo e'ffin sore! OMG! Never ever have they been this sore, even when I breastfed Ryker. WOW!

*So hoping that the job thing works out. I love love love this one! The people seem great, the office is beautiful, the hours are amazing & the pay is wonderful! Please again send your vibes, prayers, whatever my way!

*And my girls! Where the hell are y'all? Huh? I am pregnant & hormonal as can be, dont make me come find you! ;) But for real, I miss y'all soooo e'ffin much! My love for y'all grows more & more each day. my heart is breaking for your company. Oh & yeah, Shan & I were talkin on myspace & we went us all to get together again & chat it up.

*With that being said, I am getting my butt in the shower as Crossing Jordan is ending. Have a fuckin fab day!! *smoochies*

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