Yes, I so pee'd on this!

*So, the job thing is really starting to stress a girl out. I feel like I have been given the run around. Today I started putting more apps out there & if the insurance company really does want me then great, if not then at least I am already on the look out for something more. I have also made up my mind that I will be looking for another part time job for the upcoming Holiday & just because I need to save some extra $$.

* Jaxson & I have been OK but our relationship has been really really rocky. We are both commited to making things the smoothest for us all & really stoked about Baby Howard. Just send us good vibes, prayers, whatever it is that y'all have. Thanks!

*Being home the last almost 2 weeks, I have gotten so hooked on Law & Order. OMG! How have I missed this shoe for like 10 years! LOVE IT!!!!

*Ya know I am so falling more & more in love with Ryker. What an amazing lil guy he is! I mean WOW! I can't believe how lucky I am to have this lil man! He is so smart & so funny! He is getting to the age were we can really talk & discuss things. I mean I know every parent thinks that their child is amazing & just so smart but this kid here will just knock your socks off. WOW! I am the luckiest MaMa around. Hands down!

*My Mom said last week that she was going to be heartbroken if Baby Howard isn't a girl. Bless her heart she wants a girl so bad! I really dont care either way. I always saw myself with tons of lil boys, it wasnt till 2 years ago that I even wanted a lil girl. Now, Jaxson wants a lil boy so bad he can't stand it. He is the last Howard & didnt have a Dad so he really wants to be the Dad that he never had. Which he can do with a girl too. He said that if we have a girl its just going to be way worse. He is going to be the Dad with the shotgun & all that. She will totally be a Daddy's lil girl he said. Either way, all I want is a very healthy baby.

*I have pretty much stopped drinking Diet Mt. Dew, it doesnt even taste the same anymore. Totally hooked on sweet ice tea!! Which I loved before anyways, Im a southern girl after all. And I love eggs! Fried eggs that is! Yummy! Hated before I was pregnant though.

*Tam, Ren, Lis. where the hell are y'all????????


Sarah and Jack said...

Well, congratulations!

Lis said...

Hey babe, congrats on another bubs!!
Miss you too!