It's all about the baby

Monday is my first real Dr. appt. They said I may even get a sonogram!! That would be awesome! I am totally stoked to see what's cookin in there. We are even at the point that we might be able to see what the sex is. But just barely so Im not holding my breath. Jaxson isn't able to go & we are both bummed about that but because it has had to be rescheduled twice already we are going to keep the appt. Im really excited but also really scared about the aptt. I am tryin to relax about this but I am so afraid that something is going to happen or be wrong. Nothing scares me more than something happening to my children. The one already here & the one still living inside me. I really thought I would never have anymore kids but this baby is the biggest blessing ever. It's going to be hard but it will be worth it. Please send your vibes, love, & prayers our way. I hope to have pics to share Monday with you guys!! Oh & Tam hunny, as soon as I get more of a baby bump I will get some pics for ya! I can't wait to start taking those. But I am in maternity clothes & my boobs are getting even bigger. Jaxson loves that. lol Anyway, again please send those healthy baby vibes my way. I love you guys! Hope all is well with you. And Ren, Im starting to feel like a stranger.

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*** hunzer *** said...

Sending healthy baby vibes to you hun! Be sure to update us. :) Good luck on Monday!