This kid has slowed down the last few days. I dont like that. At all. I tend to freak out anyways but when the baby is so much more calm than what is has been, I really start to freak. I hate that. I wish I could just relax & trust God that everything is fine. This baby is so wanted & loved already. I pray that I can overcome this fear & enjoy this pregnancy the way I should.

Ryker's Christmas concert at school was cute but none of the pics turned out from where we were sitting. He had a good time & was so cute! I can't believe that kid is almost 8 years old! Where did my baby boy go???

Meeting the bestest & her lil girl tonight. Having dinner & exchaning gifts before they go out of state for Christmas. Going to one of all or our faves to eat. We were going to cook & all but ended up just going this route which is fine by the both of us! lol

Hope y'all are having a great week! *smoochies*

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oceans5 said...

I bet his concert was adorable:) Just relax girl. Before you know it you will have a bouncy baby giggling in your arms:) When are you supposed to find out if you are going to be buying blue or pink?