Happy New Year to all!!!

So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas & a fab New year!

We had a nice time with friends & family & everything went smooth. It has been a crazy time around here.

Went to the Dr. on the 27th & it was the first time I got to hear the baby's heartbeat (about time, I was only 20 weeks!) It was 154 or 156 I cant remember which but she (the nurse) said it was a lil higher since we had to chase the baby down to get it! It was moving all over the place. =) We go back again on the 28th of this month to get the big ultrasound, so cross your fingers that they can find out the sex of this lil one!!!

Here are some pics of the bedding I have my eye on. I cant make up my mind on the boys. The colors are going to be baby blue & chocolate brown for sure but these two sets are hard to pick from. I do love stars though so I dont know! lol And the girl set it everything I wanted! The fabrics & colors! YAY! So, it would be nice to find out.

Crazy thing is the girl stuff has really come together for us. We had her name picked out the SAME day I found out I was pregnant & its never changed nor will it. We both LOVE her name. I knew I wanted her nursery to be pink & green & I wanted tolie & polk a dots!

With Ryker it was the same way. Name & nursery. So who knows?!

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oceans5 said...

So glad you got to hear the heartbeat. LOVE the bedding you picked out. Fingers crossed you find out what it is soon:)