Ninja's bring Christmas gifts? What?

Last night I was talking to Jaxson & he was talking about how he can tell the baby anything he wants. Then he starts talking about how he is going to tell the baby that Ninja's bring Christmas presents & not Santa. And all this other stuff. Im just sitting there listening to this & thinkin what in the hell have I gotten myself into? While, it really was funny. Who doesn't love ninjas?, sometimes going with tradition isn't such a bad thing. Rest assured Jaxson told me he was kidding, that he wouldn't really tell our baby that. Let's hope.

Oh here are the yummy lemon bars I made last night. They are soooo good! Totally different from the lemon bars I am use to but these are really yummy! It's almost like a cheesecake lemon bar. It's a Sandra Lee Semi-homemade recipe. But since I have been craving the lemon bars that I am use to, I must make those soon.

Made french toast for breakfast today. Been craving that for a while. It was pretty darn good. Anyway, I am off to do something. lol Hope everyone has a fab day! *smoochies*


Anonymous said...

I could only imagine how people would look at your son everytime Christmas came and he was excited about a ninja and not Santa. LOL! ;)
Those lemon bars look yummy!

oceans5 said...

You canNOT post pics of those and then not post a recipe. My mouth is watering already. Too funny about the Ninja bringing the presents. Kids. :)

Tam said...

How freakin cute are you!!
I miss you gorgeous girl!
Thanks so much for posting the bump piccies!!
And now you really have to post the recipe for those lemon bars..they look delish!!
Love you darlin, take care of you!