I am running out of titles

Woke up yesterday feeling like crap, fought with Jaxson pretty much all day. Got a call right before bed from him saying the left his cell phone in some guy he works with truck & that he would drop it off tomorrow on his way to work. Ok, fast forward to this morning it's just a little after 8, I just got back to sleep & my cell is ringing. I dont know this number but it is a local one, so I pick up. Some chic wants to know if I might know who's phone this. She found it in the parking lot of her apartment complex (same one Jaxson lives in), the phone was smashed & right by her flat tire. She said that her husbands old roomie had a phone just like it & since her tire was flat she thought it might be connected. Since the phone was totally destroyed, she took out the sims card & put it in an old phone, saw Baby MaMa & called me. So, I get to go over to Jaxson's sometime today & tell him about his phone. Yay. Not really.

Jaxson & I just can't seem to get along these days. I mean we get along just fine for a while then something will set me off & that's it. I have no idea if it's because Im pregnant or what. Im just so tired of fighting with him. I know he feels the same way, he says is every time we do fight. Jaxson & I never ever fought not once before I was pregnant. Never! Now, at least every 2 or 3 weeks we get into it. Thing is I really love the guy. I mean heart & soul, just as he is. I love him more than words. More than I ever thought I would love someone. Yet, I push him to the limit time & time again. Why do I do it? I have no clue. Anyway.

I pretty much have my house cleaned, well, it's pretty much straight. Now, I need to clean it. Wrap a few gifts, finish Brandy's gift. I also need to shower & get dressed & head on over to Jaxson's but Im not going to his house till this afternoon. Anywho, Im out! *smoochies*

P.S. Here is my Christmas tree. Still trying to figure out the new cam. Don't know if I will ever get the settings correct.


*** hunzer *** said...

Pregnancy hormones can fuck you up man. I was lucky with my last pregnancy. We had just lost our oldest daughter (13) very unexpectedly and I found out I was pregnancy two weeks later. (This is obviously NOT the lucky part).

Because I was grieving pretty hardcore and also pregnant, scared out of my mind and nervous, my OB upped my dose of Lexapro to help with everything.

THAT is the lucky part. It kept my hormones in check, I had very few breakdowns and after Baby Boy was born, I had zero baby blues (whereas I delt with PPD after my first two).

I hope things start to calm down for you and Jaxson soon. Besides the pregnancy hormones, you are both dealing with a surprise pregnancy, trying to keep a relationship together and also trying to keep things together for your son.

It will work out, I promise. Hugs!! xoxo

oceans5 said...

Love your tree.:) Sorry about all the drama that is going on. I hate dealing with stuff like that. But I agree the pregnancy hormones will mess you up big time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree girly! Jealous here, lol. ;) HUGS hope things get better between you and Jaxson soon. Just take a little time to relax. Smooches!