Im totally feeling pregnant today

First of all thanks for all the kind words & advice. It has been trying at times to say the least but we both know that at the end of the day, all is well. =)

My parents & I took Ryker to see the Santa Cow at Chick-fila last night. It was pretty cool but way crowded. I love love love their nuggets but for some reason their strips just suck ass. And already knowing this what do I order? A salad that has strips. I blame it on being pregnant. Otherwise everything was fine.

I really dont have a lot to say, Im cleaning today & cooking. Talked to Jaxson for about an hour. His lil bitch of an ex is trying to start shit again. We have just chosen to ignore her, NOTHING is going to make her go away or shut up. CRAZY BITCH! Anywho, Im just typing to be typing at this point. Hope everyone is having a great week! *smoochies*

P.S. I will get that Lemon Bar recipe up this week.

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oceans5 said...

I agree about the strips. The nuggets rock though. Hope everything gets better with the crazy ex. Don't you just hate that crap? Love the pic and can't wait to get that recipe:)