New look

Revamped the blog today. Not sure this is the way it will stay but Im just playing right now. Looks better already though. Having some pain today that has me worried. The nurse said that it is more than likely just my muscles & ligaments stretching & stuff. Im not cramping or bleeding & thats what I need to watch for. Just a little worried. I hate that Im such a worry wart but this is my kid & Im scared to death something will happen. So pray, send vibes, whatever you got.

My Dad is playing Santa tonight for my Mom's red hatters party that she is hosting. Im pretty sure he is going to make a stop & see Ryker as well. Should be fun!

Jaxson and I are doing much better (knock on wood) this week. I miss him though. I hate that he works as much as he does but Im also glad that he does. He opened & since he is manager he had to be there an hour early so 8am & he closes as well 9pm & then he has to close his store, wait for the people at Footaction to close theirs & bring Jaxson their $$. Poor kid. And he does this at least 3 times a week. Next week he starts going in at 7am & close at 10pm.

Anywho, Im doing it again so it's time to close.Oh, here are some new pics. Hope y'all are having a great thursday! I need to run to the store & get some ice & DP. *smoochies*


Anonymous said...

That is a hot pic of you girl! I love it. I think about you and your little one brewing inside of you. Even when you mention soreness, etc. I wish I knew what you were going through. I really want to be a mommy too. Anyway, its been fun hanging out on each other's blogs and stuff. Love ya! :)

oceans5 said...

I remember the pain you described. I'm sure everything is ok. LOVE the new look and I feel all special now that you linked me.LOL. I need to link you on mine too:)