So there is this boy & he kinda has my heart...

*Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights & all our jokes, I fell in love.

*I LOVE the way you look at me when you think Im not looking back...

*I promise I will never forget the night we first kissed or the day we met. The sky may fall & the stars may too but I will still love you.

*Sometimes when I say, "Oh Im fine", I want someone to look me in the eyes & say, "Tell me the truth" And you do that.

*It's the way you make me laugh, even when Im pissed.

*The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, mistakes & yet still sees the best in you.

*For me, it's ALWAYS been you. Always.

*All I wanna do is grow old with you

*Because for once, someone's kisses truly make my heart skip a beat.

*Because who you are right now, is all I ever wanted & needed.

*When they ask me what I see in you, I say everything.

*Love me when I least deserve it because thats when I need it the most.

*He is her best friend.

*After all this time he still gives me butterflies

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oceans5 said...

Awwwww!!!YOu sure do have a hottie girl:)