About the wreck

Yesterday was not a good day. I mean all in all yes, it was. Found out that we are having a baby girl, everyone was fine but it was still a lil tainted. Ya know? Crashing your paid off car, hard into another car can do that. Today I am so freakin sore I cant stand it. I have taken 3 of the pain pills that Dr. gave me. They take the edge off but don't really make me feel too much better although it is much better than nothing. I'm just kinda nervous about taking them with the baby. My friend, Shounda, was fine & calm through it all. She is sore & has a red mark from her seat belt but otherwise good & so is her lil bean! Thank you God! I was hurt in the wreck but nothing major, I am fine, the baby is as well so I am good. I have two broken ribs & one cracked one on my left side. I have a pretty big bruise on my tummy from the airbag, some smaller more random bruises all over my chest, stomach, arms, legs, foot, hands. Also have a huge bruise on my hip & thigh from being jammed up against the door. My chest & shoulder from the seat belt is banged up hella good but it could have been much worse. I'm sore but alive as is my baby. Thank you Jesus!

So, here is how it happened. Nasty, cold, wet day. Pulled up to a red light, slowing down, foot already on brake going about 20, if that, hit a wet patch & the car just locked up. Guy in front of me saw what was happening pulled over to the side & we caught the back of another van. Can't even tell we hit him but my car is gone. It was on the news last night, there were a ton of wrecks in that area alone. Everyone, even the guy I hit, said there was nothing that I could do, it was just an accident.

Anyway, a day that was suppose to be happy & fun & full of shopping turned out a lot different. But again thank God we are all OK & alive. Jaxson is flipping over having a girl. Like really scared. I think it's because he feels like he has lost all control, that a girl will be telling him what to do from now on. lol Hope he gets over it real quick. Although he says he is fine just a little scared. We will see. =)

Thanks again for all the well wishes, congrats & all. And thanks for being such great friends. Love y'all! *smoochies*

The pics are of my belly. Poor Layla really took the brunt of the airbag. But she seems to be a tough lil cookie already. Oh, yeah that reminds me. The sono tech said that she is a tiny lil girl. I should be 23 weeks today but she is only measuring at 20 weeks. Everything is fine she just seems to be small.


oceans5 said...

OMG! You poor thing. That looks like it hurts like hell. When I was pregnant with my son I got strep throat and the ER doc gave me a whole bottle of liquid vicodin. I took it all eventualy and the baby was fine so don't feel too guilty about taking it. They wouldn't have given it to you if it would hurt the little munchkin. So glad you are ok girl. That is really scray.

EatCrayons said...

Oh whoa. How incredibly scary! OUCH just looking at that bruise, you poor thing. :( Thank God both you and your friend are safe, and your little beans are A-Okay! I too took Vicodin while pregnant, I had a migraine for the first time in my life while pregnant with my last, the ER pumped me full of Demerol and sent me home with Vicodin. I think I asked a dozen times if both were safe for the baby. While some pain meds are safe, it doesn't really easy that whole uncertainty of taking them during pregnancy, huh?

...and CONGRATULATIONS on the baby girl! Yay!

Love the black and white crib set, that will SO rock with some pink mixed up in there.

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness!! What a scary thing to happen and while you are pregnant to make it even more scarier!! I hope you heal quickly! Take it easy!