One of the reasons Shounda & I went to Tyler on Wed. was to got to BabieRUs & register. Since I have been stuck at home since the wreck I got it all finished up online today & OMG! they have some of the cutest stuff ever there! Although, I couldn't find a thing with skulls on it! lol But look at how stinkin cute this boppy cover is! I love cupcakes as much as skulls. Nothing really new to blog about or talk about so with that Im off!

Have a fab weekend!! *smoochies*


oceans5 said...

Oh that is a cute boppy.:) Cupcakes are adorable. I tagged you on my blog entry today!

Anonymous said...

That is super cute! I'm glad you have been having fun "shopping" for the baby girl. :)

EatCrayons said...

Okay Lady, we're like sharing the same brain! My baby E has that Boppy cover! Cup cakes, & skulls...overly cute and hip for baby!! I got her some onesies, gowns, a blanket, etc. with cupcakes @ Target..check there since you be lovin' the cuppy cakes too!

Anonymous said...

To cute! I love cupcakes!

Tam said...

Oh so cute honey!!
God woman your tummy looks sore..
Email on it's way to you as I type this..
Love You