A Daddy & his lil girl

Jaxson & I both got to see our lil girl this week! It was the first time that Jaxson was able to go (he put in for his day off a month before just to make sure) & he was chucky cheeseing it the whole time, even got misty eyed. It was rather touching to see the father of my child get all giddy at seeing our daughter & hearing her little heartbeat. =) It was one of those moments I will cherish for all times. I am so ready to meet this lil girl! I so want to see what she is going to look like & how she will act. Just a few months left to go.
Got all of that crap with the wreck taken care of yesterday. I had to pay a ticket of $193.00 plus they dickheads charged me $2.00 because I used a credit card. UGH! Don't these people know Im about to have a baby & Im not working. My savings is looking worse by the second these days. Oh, well. It will all work out in the end. Right?
I need to take pics of the belly again soon. My Dad asked me Monday night if my Dr. had said anything about her size because he swears I was not that big the day I went into labor with Ryker. lol And he is right. I really haven't gained that much weight but my belly is sticking so far out there its crazy! Going by that one would think that I was due to give birth last week. Crazy how that has happened. FYI, Layla is on the small side as of now. I said watch her be tiny all through the pregnancy & then pop out at 10 pounds! lol She is going to be on the short side anyway. Jaxson & I are both short people.
At this point Im just typing to be typing I guess. Hope everyone is doing well. *smoochies*

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oceans5 said...

Just wait until you see them together for the very first time. My heart melted right there in the hospital. Post some more pics girlie. We want to see you and all your preggo cuteness:)