A rant of sorts

Ok, first off Ryker stayed home from school today because of fever & cold like symptoms. It all started about an hour before bedtime last night but he had been coughing since he got home from school. Poor lil guy. He never gets sick but he was really really sick with strep throat right before Christmas & now this. Poor baby.

I woke up feeling like crap as well. And I dont know if that & the fact that Im pregnant but this is where the rant comes in.

Has to do with another blogger. Someone I really thought of as a close friend. After what I saw & read on another blog today I totally think different. First blogger & I were really close at one point but as another blogger put it "she just kind of got a big head & changed into a major bitch". I just kinda laughed it off until the last few months & after what I saw this morning I now feel the same way. Just for the record, I didnt met this first blogger "friend" here, online yes, but here no. Im not really going to get into the details of it all & Im pretty sure many of you know just who the hell I am talking about. I have never ever had a hard time of letting people go even if I was not the one who choose to leave & I sure as hell dont have a problem now. So, to this "friend" all I have to say is FUCK YOU!!


oceans5 said...

Hey girlie. I hope everything gets better with this situation. I know stuff like that can really be upsetting. I have no idea what is going on but I really do hope it all works out for you.

oceans5 said...

Forgot to say I hope you guys get over whatever crummy sickness you have. I know that sucks especially for a kid and when your pregnant.