And we have a winner

Well, this is offical. I wanted toile to being with but everything I had seen was priced so high that I felt guilty. Cheapest set I found was over $300.00. Yesterday I was looking at eBay again & found the set that I have been eyeing. In an auction last week, the same bedding from the same company sold for a under $200.00. Anyway, I made a small bid on it, not thinkin that it would go through at all. lol I have not used eBay in so many years that last time I used it, I had to sign up all over again. When Ryker was small I bought & sold on eBay like a mad woman! lol OK, back to the story. I eneded up winning a brand new 9 pc. black & white toile baby bed set for $51.00!! Could not believe it!! Shipping was $19.95 so I got it all for $70.95!! YAY me!!

Believe it or not, it has been the high part of my week. How sad is that? It's a been a nasty week. Im sick. Ryker is sick. Jaxson is well, Jaxson. And I am ready for this week to be over & start again. Hope everyone else is having a much better week than yours truly.


oceans5 said...

Love the bedding and what a great deal!! I got my oldest daughters bedding on ebay for $70 too. Gotta love Ebay. I hope you have a better week and everyone gets well soon.:)

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous girl! I love it! Great job on finding an unbelievable deal! I love ebay. I just sold 10 things on it yesterday.

EatCrayons said...

So pretty! Such a good deal!
I think I know which seller you got it from, I got baby E's bedding in much the same way. Beyond Bedding? :)