Keep 'em crossed...

Interview went amazingly awesome! I left with a better job offer than what I came in for & more pay. One hang up though. Of course there is, it's me. Back 5 years ago when I was working for this company, I got into some major $$ binds & ended up having some hot checks (that I didnt know where "hot", when writing them, honest!). Because it was major $$ & i had to pay the bank what they had already paid, I got some of them turned over to the county. So, with the background check, Im a little nervous. Now, they know all about it. I told them. But the job offer still only stands if I pass the drug test (no problem there) & the background check comes back.
Im hoping that since they already know about it, that it wont be a huge deal. She said that it would take about 2 weeks for everything to clear because it is not a normal background check since it deals with fine jewlery. So, thank you soooo much for the vibes & well wishes. Just keep those thoughts with you! PLEASE!!
And Tam, it was sooooooo great talkin to you yesterday. Totally made my day! I love you lots & miss you more! *smoochies*

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Lis said...

Hey honey, sending lots of good luck vibes your way got my fingers crossed for you too!!

Love the bedding that you got for bubs!!