Sick lil man

*Ryker has been home all week & might be able to go back to school tomorrow, if he can stay fever free for 24 hours. So far this morning, he has been feeling much better. Took him to the Dr. yesterday & his strep test & flu test both came back positive. Poor baby. Got two different meds for him. Spent $65.00 on them & that was with his insurance. GEEZ! I don't care to know that I would have paid if he didnt have insurance. But they seem to be working, thank God. I hate seeing my baby sick. It breaks my heart. He was running a fever of 103.00 last night & even with the motroin he was still running close to 100.00, all he wanted to do was sleep. Now, my lil man does not sleep unless he has too & when he asks to go to sleep in the middle of the day, you know the lil guy is not feeling good. Bless his lil heart. And thank you Jesus that he seems to be on the mend.

*Found out Monday that Layla will for sure be a c-section baby. Ryker was not but should have been. Me, being the stubborn chica that I am, refused to listen to them (no way some needle was going near my spine much less IN it). I had Ryker totally drug free & it really was not that bad pain wise, honest. I am much more scared of the spinal block than anything else. But I also asked the Dr. about having a c-section. I knew after Ryker that if any other kids were in my future this was more than likely going to be my option. And after looking at my Dr. notes & stuff he agreed that yes, this was pretty much the route to go. I do however feel a bit of anxiety over recovery. One of the best things about having a drug free labor & delievery was I was up & walking around within 20 mins of being stiched up & having a baby. I think I took 2 of my pain pills. I know this is going to be way different. Anyway, if you have had a c-section please let me know what to expect & give me any tips you have. PLEASE!!!
*Ok I have lots more to talk about but need to tend to other things so I will be back soon. with pics!

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oceans5 said...

Oh poor little guy. That must be horrible to have both of those. Strep kicks me down all by itself. I hope he has a super fast recovery. I didn't have a c-section any of my 3 times but my friend had 2 babies through 2 c-sections. She said that she just had to take it easy and let her hubby pick the baby up for the first couple of weeks. I am sure you will be perfectly fine. :) I can't wait to see pics of Layla in all her cuteness:)