On the right track??

*Im really starting to feel overwhelmed with the amount of things that I need to do, buy & so forth before my lil girl gets here. I was ok thinkin I had about two & a half months left but when I was told it was about ten weeks, well I freaked. Same amount of time but it really made me go, whoa! it's really around the corner. OMG! My baby is going to be here in about 10 weeks! YIKES!

*Ryker is still home today. He started running fever again yesterday afternoon so I have just made up my mind that he will stay home Friday as well. He does seem to be feeling better though so that is good. Hope he is back to 100% soon.

*I have made some progress on the house but it seems that I can't have it too clean these days. I bought a carpet cleaner last Friday & I LOVE it! I got the carpet in my bedroom cleaned & part of the living room done as well. Im going to try to get the rest of the living room & the hallway done today. It might be tomorrow before I can get all of it done but we will see.

*NASCAR is back baby!!! And this lil chica is totally thrilled! Those of my friends that else (a) know me in real life or (b) have read this blog for years know that I have an ex who drives for the NASCAR cup & yes, y'all he was FAB last week!! Already a much better start than last year. Poor K, 2007 just was not his year to say the least. But he is back with a new car, a new sponsor & lookin just as cute! *smoochies* to my fave ex! Can't wait till Sunday to see what he has this week!

*I bought a new bed & holy smokes Im in love! It is way comfy! I LOVE it! Ryker has been sleeping with me because he loves it so much & well, being the sick lil guy he is, I can't tell him no. =) It is memory foam & oh Mama! It is the best sleep evah! I really wanted to get a bigger size (I got a full) but I couldn't afford anything bigger because if I did then I would have to get a new frame, sheets & all that. While I still plan on getting a new comforter, Im not getting a whole new bedroom suite with a new baby on the way. I would love to be Im really trying to get things paid off & save a lil more. I plan on getting a whole new bedroom suite next year after I have moved. Ryker has already asked to get a bed like this so I think I shall pass this one on to him next year when I get a new one. =)

*I kinda went nuts a few weekends ago & bought a lot of stuff for the baby. Nothing major. Just clothes, socks, shoes, bottles & what not. Things like that. I was really tryin to wait till she got here, after the baby shower but I couldn't help it. I found a cupcake shirt (well more than one that I bought)!! I was so totally bummed when Target got rid of their cuppycake stuff. Bought I found this really cute one (Daddy's lil cupcake at Old Navy & the other one at Target).

*Anyway, this is turning into one epic post & I still have lots to share so Im going to break it down into two posts I guess. But I want to end with this: Ocean: SOO glad you are back & I think you have inspired me to do something of the like as well. I have so much to do before Layla gets here & I find that the computer is a huge distraction for me just because I dont have anything better to do or I am bored so with that being said I think that tomorrow will be my last day for online activity for at least the weekend if not longer. I may wait till the week because I tend to get online more during the week. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks! *smoochies*

Just a side note: I wrote this blog this morning & a little after that I checked Ocean's blog & her blog is right on with how I am feeling. I just really feel like it was put there for me, not just for her. It was just what I needed. I can't even begin to tell you just how much reading that helped me. Made me feel like I was on the right track & what I was feeling was where I needed to be. So again Thanks!

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oceans5 said...

I am SO glad that my post helped you too girlie. Yeah!! I'm gonna miss you when you take your break. You better come back soon or I will track you down.LOL. Hope your little man gets better soon.

Just relax with everything you have to do. You WILL get it all done. Believe me. I panicked all 3 times with mine just a few months before they were born. I got everything done and so will you.

AS soon as I get my camera batteries I am going to post pics of my progress so hopefully it will motivate you some more.

Just hang in there. :):)