Good times

I had a fun-filled, LOL, crazy, random, dirty, heartwarming 4hour convo with the sperminator last night. GREAT night for us both. Bonding over laundry, old times & a love for one another that will always see us through. It was uber fabulous & I totally remember why I fell for the goofball in the first place. This morning I woke up to find this sweet lil note from him. (Just adding that this isn't the whole thing, just part of it) :

stacia..you are one of my best friends ever and I owe you so much for giving me the greatest gift any man could ever ask for...I hate that things were the way they were but i look forward daily to the way things could be...I love you very dearly and treasure the bond we have formed over the last 18 months...you are truly an awesome chick....thank you for remembering me...the real me and.. and thanks for bein a bad ass friend...the one and only

See, it's those lil things like that make me oh so happy & filled with joy! Love it!

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oceans5 said...

How sweet!! It is the little things that matter most. My Dh and I dated a few times and kept breaking up but we would talk every single night for hours at a time even though we were not dating anymore. It was through those talks that we became BEST friends and eventually completely fell in love.

I just love talks like those. Hubby and I are due for another one soon.LOL.