Just wanted to add that Ryker made this cake. And OMG! It was soooo freakin yummy! It was a coconut cake & we added some coconut to the batter & lil bit of sour cream! TO DIE FOR!!

His goodies!

Just some new pics. I have not uploaded my camera in forever so I was kinda shocked to see what was on there & the fact that most were not any good at all. I got this camera Christmas & so far Im not really happy with it. Kinda sucks. Oh well, it could always be user error.

Other news got a sono on Monday & tried to scan the pics, didn't turn out. Jaxson has the copies now. They weren't very good anyway. I can't seem to get a good one with the expection of the ones they did in the ER when I had my wreck & they couldn't give me copies of those. UGH! Anyway, we got a profile shot but I couldn't see her nose. Like at all. I said something to Jaxson & he said, "Im sure she has a nose sweetheart. " lol Then I asked him if her head looked like it was a funny shape & that's when he told me to stop it. lol I don't know. Im me. She weighs about 3 pounds now & is still off in size. Her weight is good but the rest of her is only at 29 weeks when in fact I am 33 weeks on Thursday. I don't think there is anyway the Dr. is going to take her on May 2nd at this point. Unless she catches up in the next 4 weeks. Which is fine, I want her done cooking but I just hate to feel like Im going to stay pregnant longer than I should. Oh yeah, she was sucking her thumb! Like big time! lol She was not taking it out of her mouth nor was she going to slow down. Which is rather funny, I sucked my thumb forever! I mean I was like 11 before I quit. lol Now for the pics.


oceans5 said...

Love the pics and the cake is adorable. Ryker did a great job. Each time I was pregnant I swore I would be preggo forever. LOL. I wasn't. Just try to relax. You don't have much longer to go at all. :)

Tam said...

hey my sexy girl! Total spunk that lil man of yours!! tell him Auntie Tam said that cakes rocks!
Love you princess..