It's true!!

Yes, I am starting my own business.
A lil scared but so much more excited.
This has been a dream of mine forever & now the time has come!
It has been in the works since late summer/early fall 2006.
Everything has fallen into place & it has not been a struggle.
Now is the time. Everyone that is involved feels it.
It is still in the early stages but it is a go.
I dont have to worry about Layla going to daycare or Ryker going after school.
I am so pumped!!!!!!
We are working on the logo for the store now. Hope to have that very soon.
I have been crazy busy. So much to do. It seems a crazy time to start all of this but
wtih me nesting, I might get more done. lol
So, that is that on the store.
Well, at least for now.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!


Lis said...

oooh how exciting, cant wait to hear more details!!

oceans5 said...

Congratulations girlie!!! I am SO excited for you:)

EatCrayons said...

Totally exciting! I'm wishing you the very best. :)

Tam said...

details woman I want details!!!
Seriously though...so incredibly proud of you my sweet sweet beautiful girl...
Love you a ton..