Just a lil bit of what's going on

*So much is going on. So little time. Im starting to wonder if opening my lil store might be a better idea AFTER my lil girl gets here. Not that there is a deadline or anything but I sure was hoping to get on it before her arrival. Whatever God has in store for me has been my moto as of late. If it's before or after.

*Im also trying my best to change my eating habbits & so forth. I have had a heck of time breathing & something isn't right with my throat, heart, lungs. Now, I smoked a pack a day before I was pregnant. And I have smoked on & off since I was around 15. I quit when I found I was pregnant with Ryker & was stupid enough to pick it up again shortly after he turned 2. I am praying to God that I never pick up again. I had a hell of time quitting this time around. It's not good for me or my kids. Plus Im saving some serious money. Anyway, point is I need to eat better as well. I have pretty much kicked out soda. I will get a Dr. Pepper every once in awhile but I never keep it in my house anymore. I drink tons of water these days. Lemonade is a fave right now. REAL lemonade not that powder drink mix kind. And it's good for swelling. I have found myself eating out of boredom & that is not good. Not at all. The scale says that I have only gained around 15 pounds since my 1st Dr. visit but I look like I have put on way more & that might be because I am so short?? I dont know but I know that this is insane. And No, I am not trying to lose weight while I am pregnant. But I need to change my eating habbits period. We will see how it goes over the next few days. Im starting a food journal as of today.

*I am really struggling with my walking. I was good for awhile but now it's kinda slacking off. A lot. It has gotten so hard to even take a deep breathe that when I even think of taking a walk I get winded. The weather has also played into that factor as well. Lord, it crazy east texas weather for ya. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. We went to the park & had a great time! Today it's almost too cold for that. Again we will see over the next few days.

*Im just about ready for this lil girl to get here. I sitll have lots to buy. I dont really have anywhere near all I need but I have made a dent. $$$ is tight on both ends right now. I am going to have a baby shower in the next few weeks (fingers crossed) so that should help out some. Im just really worried that she isn't going to have everything she needs. When I had Ryker I had tons of $$ saved & not a bill to my name. I worked a great job & had help, never had to put him in daycare so I was set. Now, 8 years later everything has changed. I have every bill one can imagine, a child already here & have gotten rid of every baby thing I once had. Not like it would be any good these days. lol Anyway, just venting. Im sure all is work itself out in the end.

*I swear I have new pics to post but Im just to busy/lazy to upload the pics. I will flood my page soon but not today. Now back to inventory. Hope y'all have a fab weekend!


oceans5 said...

It's great that you are trying to let go of bad habits. Just try to tackle them one at a time.

I am sure you will get everything you need and then some by the time Layla is here. I discovered with the 2nd and 3rd baby that they don't need near as much as people and stores like Babies R Us make you think you need. Can't wait to see some pics from you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your eating habits! Im extremely short so I can gain 2 pounds and on me it looks like 15 pounds! IT sucks!