Baby Shower, Birthday & The Sperminator

Well, there isn't many photos from the shower. My Mom got caught up in everything & forgot to take pics. lol I will take pics of the loot later on. Oh my goodness! We got a TON of stuff. LOTS & LOTS of clothes. We were really blessed. My friend Shounda made the cupcake tiara cake. She did a great job & here is another pic of the diaper cake Brandy made. So cute! It was full of onesies, shampoo, bodywash, wash rags, & toys. =)

Oh & today is my 27th birthday. I feel old & it doesnt help that Jaxson keeps reminding me that I am so old. For the record, I am just shy of 5 months older than him. Speaking of which, Jaxson came over last night & we went through all the shower stuff & just hung out. It was a good time. I find myself missing him more & more these days when he isnt around & the funny thing is, he is around a lot more. Maybe thats why I miss him much more when he isnt here. I dont know. Friday night we had one of those really long talks that always makes me feel better, I mean about everything. Things between Jaxson & I are good, they have been. But they are really really good. I almost hate to say that because I am so afraid that something will happen. lol He brought up marriage again that night. But something about it was totally different this time around. For the longest time I felt like when he brought it up, it was because he really thought that is what I wanted. Not so much what he wanted. But after the talk we had Friday, I think it's something that he really wants. And maybe before it was that way but somewhere along the line it changed for him as well. I dont know. All I do know is that both of us have changed. And we both love each other much more, much deeper & where we are right now, while its great, just isn't enough anymore. Time will tell. But this much I know: "If you're a bird, Im a bird."


oceans5 said...

Blogger wouldn't let me post my last comment so I am gonna try again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing day.
The cake is so great and I can't wait to see all of your loot.

I am so glad you guys are doing so great. You are really blessed.

EatCrayons said...


Oh my goodness, cuppy cake castle. Adorable. :) I'm kinda jealous, I've never had a babyshower. Can't wait to see your baby loot!