OK so I have some really really really big news! And I so want to share but I need to sit on this just a bit longer before I share. It's driving me crazy but I must wait for the time being. But it's sooooo good & juicy!!!

I picked up Grand Auto Theft 4 or whatever it is called for Jaxson yesterday & I totally scored major points. He really wanted this game but hadn't bought it this week because of other bills & what not. So, I thought I would be a sweetie & surprise him with it. My stock went way up! He totally nerded out last night & played it with some friends for HOURS. His roommate even called in to work. lol

Woke up this morning to really bad weather. Like tornados & thunderstorms. Spent most of the morning in the bathroom listening to the radio & coloring. lol Jaxson called & kept me company for a bit & then within 25 mins of getting off the phone with him he calls back with some not so great news. He broke his XBox 360. He is totally heartbroken. Not that he plays it that much but he just got his new game last night. Poor baby.

Anyway, I have tons of family coming in this weekend & my contractions are coming full force this morning. I have no idea what to do about these damn things. I saw the Dr. yesterday & lil Miss Layla is just shy of 5lbs. He wants to keep her in for another week & next thursday we get the date of our c-section. If she will just wait a lil bit longer but MaMa is in some deep pain.

I am totally talkin about nothing so on that note Im closing. Hope everyone is having a fab day! *smoochies*

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oceans5 said...

Oh I can't wait to hear your BIG news!! I will you and Layla in my prayers. Hopefully she can bake a little longer. :)