A new season

Yes! It is that time again! We LIVE for baseball in the house & I am so happy Ryker loves playing. His second year & he has done really well so far. Although we have only gotten one game under our belt due to weather & school stuff the other two games have gotten canceled. And in other Lil man news: HE TURNED 8 MONDAY!!! Holy smokes! When did my baby get to be a big boy?? I will post pics from the party later this week. God, he is soooo freakin cute!!!


oceans5 said...

He is so cute. Glad he loves baseball so much. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to get into sports and activities. Happy Birthday to your big boy!!!

EatCrayons said...

Wait a handsome lil' feller! I love his little serious baseball face..grrrr! :) Happy birthday!!