So, Wed. the Sperminator & I had lunch. Had a great time. We are both so mellow & chill these days. Such a wonderful feeling. We can't seem to get enough of one another & it is such a nice change of pace. Anyway, lil Miss Layla Jade was very active & playful with her Daddy (which was such a site! Melt my heart!!). It was a lil uncomfortable for Mommy but poor girl just doesn't have anymore more. I am very short, 5'2, I have long legs but short torso. She is just cramped in there & just her lil movements can hurt me at times. Jaxson even made the comment that maybe I should go home & just relax for the rest of the day. I told him that no I had too many things to do for Ryker's birthday party (which is tomorrow). He told me to take it easy & that if I needed him to let him know. Fast forward to yesterday morning. I woke up to a contraction that tore me from the safety of my bed. Really long, hard, intense. The kind that I had in labor with Ryker. I went ahead & got up & started counting them. They keep coming. That part was consistent, it was the timing that wasn't. For a few it would be every 15 mins, then every 10, then back to 15. When they got to 8 mins apart I called the Dr. He was at lunch & they offered to page him but I told them I would wait for 30 mins & just call him back. During that time I had one that went from 8 to 6 mins that lasted for a lil over 2 mins & brought me to tears. I called Jaxson to let him know. He was at work & it freaked him out. He is the store manager, he can't leave so he freaked. Poor Daddy was about to lose it. He called his backup just in case but I told him to not worry just yet.

My Dr. sent me straight to the hospital & I was admitted for the most part of yesterday. I was given two shots of breathine (I think thats correct) & was told that I was dilated to a 1, 30% effaced & my cervix is really really soft but it's still high so that's good. Now, Layla is measuring just shy of 33 weeks. My Dr. told me that he would not take her on the 2nd of May at this point (this past Monday) unless she comes on her own. And even on the 2nd she would be two weeks shy of her due date. So, her coming now it not a good idea. The shots did help mellow out the pain of the contractions but it has not stopped them. I was told to call my Dr. & make an appt with him this morning. He asked me this morning what was going on & I told him. He told me that if I have more than 5 contractions an hour then to go back to the hospital right away. So, as I have typed this out I have had 8 in the last 46 mins. So, with that said Im going to watch them for another hour & if it continues to go this way then I will be on my way back up there.

If you made it this far, thanks. We could use your thoughts, vibes, prayers. =)


Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my prayers! My 2 oldest were 6 weeks early, thank god they were o.k. but it was scary!

EatCrayons said...

Scary! You and baby Layla are absolutely in my thoughts, saying a prayer! Hope the contractions have subsided on their own and lil' sweet can continue to bake for a bit. *Hugs*

oceans5 said...

Prayers going out for both of you. Keep us updated. That is really scary. Prayers being said.

Tam said...

Oh my sweet girl, hang in there.
I am keeping you in my thoughts darlin..
Love you

dont eat the token said...

I last read your blog when you had that awful car wreck. So glad to know that you are doing pretty A-OK and your baby is healthy!

Good luck, lots of prayers.


Antonia said...

1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was surprised and happy to see a new person comment!

2. I hope you went to the hospital, or that you are feeling better and the contractions went away! :)