I can't get enough

This is the BEST lemonade ever!!! I am so freakin hooked on it. I bought some this morning & I promise you the whole thing will be gone before tonight. I DO NOT SHARE THIS. This is MINE! Rented this from the wonderful RedBox this morning as well. Im fresh from the shower in new PJ's & about to pop this in the DVD player.
I simply can not get enough potatoes. I have always loved potatoes but since I have been pregnant they are my most fave thing ever. Boiled, smashed, fried, baked, it doesn't matter, it's all perfect to me!
I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my weekly visit & I am suppose to get my c-section date as well! I am soooooo excited about getting a for sure date! I did have to go back to the hospital this weekend because the meds were not even working when it came to stopping the contractions. They upped the dosage (after giving me tons of shots) & told me that all I had to do was make it through this week. So, Im hoping to have great news as of tomorrow afternoon.


oceans5 said...

Can't wait to hear when your c-section date is! That lemonade does look really yummy.!! Keep us posted. I am counting down the days until we get to see cute little Layla pics!!

EatCrayons said...

Ohhh lady, I was so about Lemonade with my last pregnancy. Too funny. That one IS so super yummy! I love me some potatoes (all potatoes) all of the time!

I'm slightly interested in seeing that movie, let me know if it's worth renting. :)

Ariana said...

I literally laughed when I saw the lemonade picture. I went crazy for that stuff this pregnancy. I mean CRAZY. I had to buy it or have it in the fridge AT ALL TIMES. It's the best, for sure.