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1. We got the date for our c-section last thursday. To say the least, I was not happy with it at first. Keep in mind my Due date has been May 18th forever, that's six days from now. My c-section is not on the books till June 4th. Yes, you read that right. Two weeks PAST my orignal due date. My Dr. says that her lungs are not ready so I am on the meds till next Sunday (my old due date) & then I can stop taking them. Lil Miss Layla is measuring 37 weeks & 1 day as of now. She has been on the smaller side since Jan. We just thought she would be small coming from two very short people. Well, as it turns out after that visit & tons of crying & freakin out I went back & counted the weeks since I found out I was pregnant. By her size I was only about 5 days pregnant when I found out. So, so it seems we have jumped the gun. And while I want a healthy baby more than anything & I will keep her inside of me for two years if need be. Those extra two weeks of being pregnant really bummed me out. With that being said my Dr. didn't want me to wait that long for the c-section & tried to get it sooner but so far the hospital is overbooked. But as it is I will be having Layla Jade Wed. June 4th at noon.

2. Jaxson was very calm about the whole c-section, waiting thing. It totally blew me away! This is the same man who tells me a 100 times day that he can't wait to meet her & when is she going to get here & why is she taking so long, ect. And here comes into play where my motto, "Everything happens for a reason". Not even two hours after I left the Dr. Jaxson got a phone call. A phone call we have been waiting on for about 6 months. Jaxson has worked as an asst. manager for Footlocker for a year and a half. They told him back in Oct. or so that they wanted to give him his own store & move him up to corprate. He got the call last Thursday! And better than best, he got the Tyler store which is what he wanted cause we dont have to move (although at some point we will). This means he will more than triple his income first of all. Have better hours than now & he gets totally control. I am sooooo very proud of him! He worked his ass off for this & its paying off. Turns out that he leaves for that store next Monday so if we had her the day the Dr. wanted us to at first Jaxson would not be able to take his 10 days off. So, her being off in size was really nothing more than a blessing for us. No way could Jaxson miss that time with his lil girl or say no to his own store. Just like my Mom said, God is never surprisied, he knows what he is doing.

3. A few weeks ago I said something about Jaxson asking me about taking our relationship to the next level. It was something that he had been thinkin about for some time & he wanted to know how I felt about it. Well, the very next day he & I went shopping & I was planning on asking him about it. Why he was bringing this up now? Where was he coming from? And so on. He didnt even give me the chance to ask. He answered all of my questions & more that afternoon. So, I came home & spent the next week thinkin about it. And I love him, more so than anyone I have ever been with. And I dont want to be with anyone else. I can't even see myself with anyone else. Everything has fallen into place. The path is clear for this, like this is what is suppose to happen. On that note we are moving in together. =)

4. That's kinda a overview of what has been going on. At least the major stuff. I have more news but tons going on at the house right now. I will post later on today or this week. Hope all of you great blogger friends had a wonderful Mother's day!

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oceans5 said...

I am so happy for you with everything! I know being pregnant an extra 2 weeks feels like hell (I was 2 weeks overdue with my first) but you will be ok and so will Layla. I can't wait to see pics of her. So happy about the job and you guys moving in together!!!