Halloween Swap, Towel Cake and Christmas swap.

Here is the towel cake I made for my bff, Shounda, wedding shower that I am hosting at my house in two weeks. The bow is screwed up but I will fix that before shower time. I was just playing with it to see how I would put it together as this is my first towel cake. Im very pleased with how it turned out!
The "ingredients" in this cake are: Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea hand soap as the center stabilizer, 4 kitchen hand towels, a slotted spoon, a spatula & 2 potholders. Simple & cute. So I think. ;) I am going to use this as the center piece on the gift table. Best part about it is it only cost me $8.00 for all the ingredients not counting the Bath & Body Works hand soap. I stock up on those when they put them on for 5 for $20 bucks so I always have 'em on hand. They normaly only cost $5 so even if I had to pay for one it still would have been under $15 for it. Plus I don't feel like I am wasting money on a center piece that's going to be thrown away. Cute, affordable, & functional! Bow holder made for a customer. Turned out pretty cute. I am throwing this in as a free gift. She placed a HUGE order (20 bows) and I wanted to let her know how thankful I was. It really does like much better in person and matches Brookie's room too!
All the goodies for Naomi!
The back package is for her lil girl
Hope she likes it!
I made the candy crackers out of toilet paper rolls.
I forgot to take pics of the items before I wraped them. Silly me! And since she does not even know about this blog I can list what I got her.
*3 Halloween cookie cutters (bat, pumpkin & ghost) tied with halloween ribbon.
*A package of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix
*2 bottles of sprinkles (Orange & Chocolate). I couldn't find any halloween shape sprinkles just fall leaves so I got halloween colors.
*2 Halloween potholders. One is shaped like a black cat with purple accents & the other is traditonal style with a the cats face on it. Cute if I must say so myself & I dont like cats. At all.
*A Halloween kitchen hand towel with candy corns all over it.
*A tin jack-o-lantern candle holder. Really cute, kinda distressed primitive look.
*One yankee candle votive in cucumber melon (suited to her taste)
*3 rolls of Halloween ribbon
*A pair of pumpkin socks
*A hershey's chocolate bar
*A super cute Autumn welcome block decoration thing. lol I got it Hobby Lobby & it's so stinkin cute. I hate that I forgot to take a pic of it. And I know it's not halloween but I wanted her to be able to use a lil longer. Still goes with the theme. At least to me. =)
*The last lil package was for her daughter. It's a cute glow stick star wand. I thought it would be cute for when they go trick or treating. Also I put some Halloween stickers in the package for her.
I think that is all I got but I can't be sure as they are all wraped up & I didn't take pics before. I hope she likes the goodies I got her. I also hope she takes pics of the loot when she gets it. I will post them here if she does. I went a lil over the price limit which was $20 before shipping but that's ok. The price limit is only there to make sure everyone gets a fair trade.
I am going to host a shoe box Christmas swap this year as well so ladies get ready! I hope some of my regular blogger friends hop in this one! Quick run down of that as of now:
*Get a shoe box & wrap it up all nice & pretty. Then fill it up with all kinds of goodies for your partner (not just Christmas theme stuff but things that your partner likes such as lotions, snacks, magazines, movie, ect.), tailored to her likes. Just like the Halloween swap, wrap all the gifts that go in the wraped shoe box (Who doesn't like opening presents? =). Also inclued a Christmas card (handmade would be nice but that doesn't really matter). Also just like the Halloween swap at least one handmade item should go in the package. Whatever you want to make, doesn't matter. Just remember to keep your partners likes & taste in mind. A survey will go out after the sign up deadline so your partner can get to know you & your likes & dislikes. Once those are in I will start to pair up partners & send the survery of your partner then. Not sure what the price limit will be on this one yet. Sign up starts as of today and will end Monday November the 10th at midnight. That will give us all plenty of time (3 weeks till December 1st) to fill out the survey & get to working on filling that shoe box up! Your package needs to be mailed sometime the first week of December (latest day to mail Sat. December 6th) so that we can enjoy all of Christmas goodies! Just a run down of the Christmas swap as of now. Things are subject to change but you get the idea. Let me know if you are interested in playing in this swap. Right now you dont have to sign up for sure if you dont want to (but you're more than welcome to) just let me know if you might want to.
Sorry this has turned into an epic post! lol Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!!!

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