Sweet Surprise

As most of my blog friends know I lost my beloved Father suddenly in July I just happened to be looking at some old photos on the computer & came across these 3 pictures of my Daddy. Hadn't been unearthed until now. Tomorrow would have been his 53rd birthday. My Daddy (Chief to his grandbabies) & Layla. He only had four very short, precious weeks with Layla before he died. I miss him so much. I hurt every single day. My heart is just broken that Layla will never ever know her wonderful "Cheif". Just how much he loved her & that he was soooo excited she was here. Believe me I am so very thankful for those 4 weeks he had with her before he passed it just HURTS so much to know she won't remember him.
My baby brother, Brant, & our Daddy shooting the paintball gun on Mother's day 2008. Brant had to have surgery the day before Daddy had his heart attack & was dopped up on pain drugs when I called him to let him know what had happened & that the heart surgeon said that anyone who needed to say goodbye needed to come NOW. The hospital Brant was in would not release him without Dr. orders & if he left on his own then he wouldn't get any pain pills. Thank God my Daddy's surgeon called over & got him released. Brant couldn't even walk (he broke his ankle & had 9 screws, 2 plates & a rod put in his ankle) but he got there.
Uncle (what Ryker calls my brother. Don't know when it went from Uncle Brant to just Uncle but it's been that way for awhile now), Cheif, Ryker & his friend, Austin. Austin, his Mom & step brother were in a wreck the week before school started & Austin had to have surgery on his brain to stop the swelling & his mother is still in the hospital & we were just told 2 weeks ago it doesn't look like she will ever walk again. =(

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dont eat the token said...

oh my gosh, so much pain for everyone. May God bless you and hold you tight!