So, I made this TuTu for Layla & loved how it turned out! It's lavender but kinda of looks pink in the photo. Im just about to start on her "punk" tutu dress. Hot pink & black tulle with zebra ribbon straps. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!
I am running a special this week at Tickled Pink, a TuTu (color or colors of your choice) and matching bow for $15!! It's gone over pretty dang well too!
Yesterday was my Daddy's birthday. Rough day. Dont really want to get into it now as I dont want to get all upset before bed. Just glad it's over with. Now, it's Thanksgiving & Christmas I need to get through. In all honesty I think Layla's first birthday is what is going to be the hardest. I think Ryker's will be tough but he got 8 with him, Layla got none. Anyway, I have to stop.
I got a few Christmas items at Hobby Lobby this weekend. I will try to post pics of those tomorrow. Im doing something different this year. At least for me. Im doing bright, girly colors. Hot pink, purple, lime green & blue. All glittered out & girly! Totally excited! Christmas is my all time favorite holiday!!

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