The not so good week

Ok again I dont know what is up with blogger & the photos. When it's published the photos are fine but while I try to publish it isn't.
I havenot had a good week at all! The fuckin bitch that share's some of my husband's DNA (his crazy ass sister) is at it again. So bad that Jaxson & I talked about getting a restraining order. This has been going on for two months now & we have not done anything about nor have we said anything other than to family that she was not allowed around the kids. Her lies & crazy actions have gotten to the point that we are just at wits end. I am sooo freakin close to getting down on her level & telling EVERYONE all of her shit. Thing is I DONT have to lie to make her look bad. Us not saying anything to her is not doing us any good goes she has keep on for two months with nothing but dead air from us. So maybe a good does of her own medicane is what is she needs. Ugh! I am so not fighter in the sense of beating down someone but at this point I have never ever wanted to fight a bitch so bad in my life. Poor Jaxson is so ashamed of his "sister" he can't hardly stand it. I feel bad for him. I tell him time & time again it's nothing he should feel bad about. Anyway.
Pics. The skull is something that may turn into a clippie. Not sure yet.
The recipe book is for Shounda's shower on Sat. I sent recipe cards in the invites asking everyone to fill one out & bring it to the shower to fill the book up. The color of her kitchen is White, Black, and Red. I just used what I had on hand & was pleased with how it turned out. I just didn't have time to go to the store this week until Friday. And with it being Halloween & just the day before the shower I knew I wouldn't have time to do it before.
The other are bows I made. The red one was SUPER hard to get a good pic of. Looks so cute in person! I made it to go with an outfit that my Mom bought Layla. The pink, chocolate & leopard was just for fun. I had it in mind for a friends baby due next month but not so sure now.


Cherry_Blossom said...
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EatCrayons said...

Love the skull, has it made it's way on to a clippie yet? Cute, cute bows as always. :) I'm sorry to hear of the crazy SIL drama.

dont eat the token said...

That red bow is aWeSoMe!!!