My girl, Shounda, and I met in 7th grade and were quick friends. I ended up leaving school close to the end of the year & going back to private school so we can drifted apart but two and a half years ago she found me on myspace & we hit off again. It's been so great to have her in my life. She has gone through so much and has wanted nothing more than to have a baby & get married. Well, in July she welcome Hunter Lee and today she got married in a beautiful fall theme wedding! I was her matron of honor and I was delighted for her! She looked beautiful & so happy! So, my post today for being thankful is all for her. I will post pics tomorrow but have not uploaded them off the cam yet and I wanted to get my post for the day in before midnight. lol SO, thanks Shounda for always being you & my best friend!
Oh & Layla got her first tooth today!

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