Again I am thankful

So, while I have tons to be thankful for sometimes it's hard to think of something to blog about every single day. While I am always thankful sometimes it seems like it's to easy to blog about that. But if I am thankful for it, even if its simple, I should say so.

While some posts are deep, heart felt things I am thankful for. Other's might be small, silly yet thankful for.

And today is one of those days! lol

I am so very thankful for Baby Orajel & tylenol!

It's been a super rough week with Layla teething like crazy and this has really helped. Along with baby Tylenol.

Excause the icky shirt, we had just eaten & gotten rid of the bib so she made up her mind to spit up then.

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EatCrayons said...

Awwww teething is so tough. Yay for infant Tylenol! Hope she cuts toofers soon.

Baby E's jumperoo is possessed, it goes off on it's own even when its shut off...Layla's too?