I am so thankful for Flylady! I don't follow her rule by rule, step by step. I have the basic system down that works for me & I love it! I l dont know what I would do without the 15 min challenges, they have truly helped me get my house clean over the last few years. I love doing them with other people, its just getting harder & harder to find those out there that want to play along! lol I made up my mind last night that I was going to go through flylady again. Word for word. Mission by mission. Things are starting to pile up around here since the move & I need to purge so I thought this to be the best way. We are having everyone over her for Christmas this year so it's gotta be super nice & I dont want to run around the week before, I want it nice & chill time. So, thank you Flylady for what you have helped me with!

Also, on the look out for fun Christmas projects. Got any? I want Ryker's Christmas break to be super fun!

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